Being a partner of the company Bizon Partners not only do you earn money
but running a global balance.
How it works
Step 1
Artificial intelligence defines:
  • - What to buy
  • - Where to buy
  • - The required amount
Step 2
The collective collection of money for the purchase of goods
Step 3
Large wholesale purchase
Step 4
Shipping to countries and providers, which vycheslit artificial intelligence
Bizon Partners
We are a young Estonian programmers team for five years worked on the creation of artificial intelligence will be able to calculate the vacuum market in the next six months with an accuracy of 93,24% based on bigdata, namely:
Demographic indicators
Macro and micro Economics
Climatic factors
Political and military conditions
Teaching media in a particular region.
The company's mission:
System creating harmony and balance around the world
Business model: earnings of the company Bizon Partners is high, regular (daily) turnover with a minimum margin of 2.5%
Robin hood took from the rich and give to the poor,
Bizon Partners there where a lot of takes and brings back where little.
Tariff plans
Deposit amount:
To calculate the profit
Enter the amount of your Deposit:
$ 0
The overall result:
$ 0
The more turnover, the more profit.
The way the scaling we chose through an affiliate program. As we believe is the fastest, safe and reliable way to grow.
Referral program
We are interested in the most rapid growth. So we have a system of referral partners. You can help earn your friends and earn yourself:
  • 7% Level 1: 7% from the sum of the partner's deposit
  • 5% Level 2: 5% from the sum of the partner's deposit
  • 3% Level 3: 3% from the sum of the partner's deposit
  • 2% Level 4: 2% from the sum of the partner's deposit
  • 1% Level 5: 1% from the sum of the partner's deposit
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Now is a really difficult time for the global financial sector.

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8 APR 2020

The world economy is redistributed. Many offline companies are shutting down while the online business is booming.

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7 APR 2020

The UN General Assembly approved the Resolution of global solidarity in the fight against COVID - 19. 

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